Sixty Seconds

22 Nov

This is the Sixty Second Thanksgiving Challenge. In sixty seconds write as many things as you can that you are thankful for.

Participate by supplying your list below.

Here is mine:




The love of god


Protection of god

Lavish grace of god



Cold weather

Hot weather

Christmas trees




Significant other

Date night



God’s Peace

19 Nov

I’m so thankful for the peace of god. In a world of murder, backstabbing, and divorce things are never predictable.

When I pray, go to church, and read my bible I can sense the Holy Spirit releasing His peace upon me. Without this peace, I don’t know how I would make it. I mean without peace, what is joy, happiness, or success? Are these events void of subsistence without the peace of god? I’d say so.

Ripples of Blessings

15 Jul

Im thankful to be alive today. The day is so beautiful today and I’m rich with life. I mean as Americans do you know how many people want our lives? I thank God above for our life’s comforts. It’s so obvious that his hand is over the United States. We have so much, almost too much. So it’s important that we give God thanks for everything he’s given us. Let’s remember that if it weren’t for him we would have nothing. He’s my Jehovah Jireh and I won’t forget it.

Soy especial

5 Jul

A veces no me siento especial. Así como no tengo planes para mi vida. A veces No creo que hay un plan para mi vida. Gracias por Dios que hoy me dijo que yo soy especial y que me tiene planes especiales. Recuerda que tu eres especial en los ojos de dios. Recuerda que por su gran amor te creyó. Los salmos 119:73 lee, tus manos me hicieron u me formaron; hazme entender, y aprenderé tus mandamientos.

To Be Honest

27 Jun

TBH real friends are hard to find.
TBH once you got someone who prays for you hold on to them and never let them go.
TBH they aren’t smarter than you, their mother encouraged them to speak their minds.
TBH where have all the good guys gone?
TBH I’m really blessed.
TBH I know all things will be alright because I’ve got you, Jesus.

Answered Prayer

6 Mar

I wanted to share with you what God’s doing in my life as to encourage you. Yesterday at evening service Pastor Shawn stressed that the kingdom of God is here and that we need not to wait for something extraordinary to happen in our lives before we invite someone to the Easter Experience at our church. As I sat in my pew I didn’t believe that God had anyone that he wanted me to invite. Despite my lack of faith, I asked God to show me who he would have me to invite. The following morning I began my shift at my job. There are few people I don’t know in my department. This particular day I was placed to work alongside a girl I’ve never met. Her shirt read NYC, short for New York City: Immediately, the city became our topic of conversation. I shared with her the mission trip experience I took part in with Crossroads. She asked what mission work was and was impressed by the positive impact it has on communities. She went a step further and requested the name and location of or church. In that moment, I sensed that God wanted me to invite her to our Easter Experience. I mustered up the courage to invite her—I struggle with inviting people to church—and she immediately responded, “Yes.” I didn’t believe God would answer my prayer. Yet, he did by placing this girl right in front of me. I’ve gained a greater respect for the Lord. He chose me–an imperfect woman–to share himself with this girl. He chooses you too.

The Power of Authenticity in Relationship

3 Feb

Authenticity. The word conjures a bit fear to say it out loud. Let’s look at the definition of the word in webster’s dictionary.  It says genuineness is the quality of being genuine or not corrupted from the original.

Authenticity is important in our relationships because that’s where we can get healing in those emotional areas of our hearts. We must be in genuine relationship in order to heal from our past. In our past people or events changed us. We have become fearful, hurt people. It can be difficult to open up to other people. But, if you are in an authentic relationship with another person then you can open up to them. When you are in this state of a relationship with another person and when you open up with them about where you are struggling, healing comes. Emotional and spiritual healing can come.

So if you are struggling in life, make some friends!

John 15:13 reads, greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.